Two exhibitions in the UK by Pakistani artists playfully combine tradition with a strong contemporary graphic style. Faiza Butt and Mahwish Chishty both use elements of the visual language of their native country but twist it into interesting new shapes to make provocative art.

Attention and engagement are the currency of marketing. It’s hard enough being noticed—let alone loved, remembered, or even ‘liked’’—particularly in the digital space which, let’s face it, now includes the physical space for everyone who carries a screen around with them.

When you need a quick-thinking designer to see a project through from start to finish, Fleur’s your gal. Other hobbies not included in her answers are shopping and eating – she’s often an instigator of spontaneous trips to ‘heaven on earth’ aka, Kmart.

Whilst in Rome my wife asked me to pick up some potpourri from a shop close to where I was staying. I wasn’t looking forward to it. What would be more embarrassing – asking for potpourri or trying to use my appalling Italian. As it turned out the experience was incredibly inspiring.

Virtual Reality. You’ve probably seen half-hearted attempts at using VR… usually involving clunky headgear with out-of-focus images that are often less impressive than looking at a poster on the side of a passing bus. Prepare to think again: this exhibition shows that with imagination (and meticulous attention to detail), immersive worlds can be created to give a unique perspective, using VR.

I’ve loved the Stones since I was about 13. My rather liberal English teacher realised I wasn’t getting very excited about Shakespeare so instead he grabbed my attention by lending me his copy of The Stones’ ‘Rolled Gold’.

2016 has been a year so far filled with endless calamity, disaster and death. The range of speakers and issues covered at Semi Permanent seemed to reflect the transitory nature of life and the work people create to fill it with, as we are constantly in the process of understanding ourselves and the world around us. From using doubt as a prompt to drive enquiry, personal setbacks as fuel to bigger endeavours and embracing friction as a means to self-discovery, we certainly came away creatively shaken. Now that we have had time to digest the weekend, we took a little time to review our favourite speakers.

We’ve been working closely with client Buckley Systems to create a brand book for the company, and we’re right chuffed to have been chosen as a finalist in this years Best Awards, amongst a high calibre of other designers.

Special thanks to Buckley Systems for letting us loose on this project to bring their vision to life, and a particular mention to our designer Jay for putting in the long hours to get it finished. This baby is definitely something to be proud of!

Check out the entry and cross your fingers (and toes) for us, we’ll find out if we’re winners on October 14th.