Amnesty International NZ

We’re very proud to work with the team at Amnesty International. We’ve collaborated with them to create a wide variety of projects including branding and marketing material for The Secret Policeman’s Ball (a fundraiser comedy night), printed campaign collateral and environmental graphics for their offices, along with editorial design for the regular Amnesty publication, Flame. We do this work either on a pro-bono or reduced rate basis because we want to support a worthwhile cause, and because we love the challenge of working in the not-for-profit sector.



Flame magazine is a quarterly publication produced by Amnesty International New Zealand and distributed to their supporters, staff and activists. We’ve been designing it for two years, but in order to achieve some new goals, the team at Amnesty felt it was time for a revamp. In the past, it has been a hard-hitting magazine highlighting atrocious actions committed around the world whereas now the focus is shifting towards presenting more of the positive success stories resulting from their work. Amnesty supporters have been directly involved in the release of many prisoners by applying collective pressure on governments; therefore Amnesty wanted to celebrate these outcomes and encourage further efforts, as well as continue to spotlight ongoing abuses.


The Refresh

Our response was to create a dynamic layout that is flexible enough to carry both good news and bad. We decided early on that photography would communicate a large part of each story; therefore we recommended reducing the amount of copy and allowing more space for images, as well as injecting infographics and quotes. The vertical masthead adds dynamism to the cover while the introduction of hand-drawn script gives the layouts a sense of immediacy.


“The team at Transformer were instrumental in the journey to re-invent our main supporter publication, Flame. They took the time to ask questions and understand our vision before sharing their knowledge and ideas. Transformer were really responsive, and together we honed in on a new product with all the life, vibrancy and punch we hoped for.”

–  Jason Garman, Communications Manager, Amnesty International New Zealand



Welcome Pack

Becoming a supporter of a charity is a significant commitment, so Amnesty were keen to have a Welcome Pack that not only clearly laid out the ‘nuts and bolts’ of membership but also gave the supporter a reward. The pack includes a brochure with stunning photography, success stories and further encouragement to get involved in campaigns. We helped Amnesty achieve a delicate balance between positive stories and ongoing human rights abuses.


Secret Policeman’s Ball

The Secret Policeman’s Ball is an annual fundraising event and part of the Auckland Comedy Festival. Our brief was to create a powerful image that could be used across digital, print and environmental media to create a consistently branded campaign to promote the event. We came up with a witty concept that communicated the nature of the event whilst carrying Amnesty’s brand colours and typography for quick recognition amongst supporters and media. The campaign was highly successful; tickets were sold, money raised – happy client.


Amnesty Headquarters

We were honoured to be engaged to create the internal and external signage when Amnesty International New Zealand moved into new offices on Karangahape Road, Auckland. The exterior signage was purposely understated however our concept for the inside was to create an environment that would be inspiring to staff, volunteers and visitors.
We created many individual spaces within an overall theme. The room for the phone operators was given quotes and fun visuals of vintage phones. In the main open plan area, we designed large areas of text including the Universal Declaration of Human Rights to subtly remind the team of the organisation’s aims. An area for TV interviews was set up with a powerful, branded backdrop and comfortable seating. Meeting rooms also had inspirational quotes applied. To top it all off our director Nigel Smith donated a painting that he’d created specially for one of the meeting rooms, a diptych called ‘Out of the Night’.



“These look amazing! I was blown away by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights on the wall upstairs!” 

– Grant Bayldon, Executive Director.



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