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Transformer has a long-standing relationship with Atoll, an independent record label dedicated to showcasing the best in classical, historical and contemporary music of New Zealand. The following are a selection of the best album covers we have had the fortune to produce over the past few years. We have worked in collaboration with various photographers and artists to bring each recording to life in a sumptuous package. Transformer have since provided marketing strategies using a multi-channel approach that included website, catalogues and press ads and engaging influential reviewers and retailers. Having taken on board comments from both sectors our design solutions have adapted and developed, enabling Atoll to become one of New Zealand’s premier record companies and establish a strong presence in both the UK and USA.


Atoll_Songs-of-Death-&-Desire_3 Atoll_Songs-of-Death-&-Desire_2 Atoll_Songs-of-Death-&-Desire_1 Atoll-Recording-Sessions-Web_3

Atoll Records has provided handsome packaging for the late Jack Body’s moving tribute to transgender icon, Carmen Rupe.

William Dart, New Zealand Herald




The booklet is artistically presented and the CD case is fronted by a lovely print of an illuminated manuscript, which has been beautifully reproduced. The design is excellent.

Gillian Bibby, Music in New Zealand
Atoll_The-Nations_3 Atoll_The-Nations_2 Atoll_The-Nations_1 Atoll-Recording-Sessions-Web_1