Dreaming of a quiet day in the office? Not a chance with this gal around. She’s a badass designer with a love for typography, grids and beautiful print (get at her!). Another dog-mad lass in the office, she’ll be the one asking if she can leave early to go watch the sunset. She loves a challenge and isn’t afraid to let you know what she thinks, but only after a couple of cups of liquid gold a.k.a coffee. Get an insight into Megan’s mind…

Please draw a caricature of yourself

If you could design for anyone – anything – who, and what would you design?

I’d love to do a complete ‘start to finish’ of a restaurant or something similar, but I’d be the client too. That or a big festival. I want a project that I can bring to life.

I’d also love to work with Air New Zealand. They’re a dream client from a content creation perspective. To be a fly on the wall in their strategy meetings… I can’t even imagine.

Somewhere you’d recommend eating out?

OdettesMoochowchow or Chinoiserie

Brunch tomorrow 8am – 3pm 📷 @georgiesanders6 #odettes #aucklandeats

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What’s a skill you want to focus on and perfect, in your field?

I want to focus on strategic thinking, something I think every designer should have in their mind when working on a well-rounded project – actually any project.  What is your ‘Why’? sort of thing.
I also love words; it’s easy to use them on a screen, but in hand is a lot harder… I’ve been working on that.

What do you do when a creative block hits?

Instagram or Pinterest … occasionally a pep talk from TED talks … read a blog or two.


What inspires you the most creatively?

Go-getters, and big dreamers.  Having those people around you who chase the same dreams you do. Sometimes all that is, is a chat with someone creative and chucking some ideas around and seeing what flies. I have a fire in me that lights up when I’m surrounded by like-minded movers and shakers – feeling inspired is one of the best feelings in the world.

Ultimate procrastination tool?

Instagram 😳 — I could spend HOURS trawling that app looking at all the things.

Favourite thing about the Transformer vibe?

The mix of people here. You’ve got the loud, mouthy ones (probably only me at the moment) and the quiet, secretly cunning ones, and we all work really well together. As designers we’re all very different too and recently that’s been so good, learning more about how we work together as a collective. AND… we all like food. 

What kind of advice can you offer on finding your own personal style / aesthetic in design?

Don’t compare yourself to other creatives, it will make you question why you can’t do something like them. But you don’t want to be like them; you’ve been hired or are being watched because you bring something different to the table – use it to your advantage.

Currently on your ‘most played’ list?

I love browsing Spotify and make a playlist every month. Currently I’m digging: KAYTRANADA, Tom Misch, Adele, Ed Sheeran and Ella Mai on there.

Blogs and designers who inspire you?

  • Jasmine Dowling – as someone my age who has been steadily building her empire.
  • I love reading the AIGA blog that pops up in my Inbox every now and again.
  • If you haven’t heard of Humans of New York … you’re welcome.

By Jay Yang

Graphic Designer



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