When you need a quick-thinking designer to see a project through from start to finish, Fleur’s your gal. Other hobbies not included in her answers are shopping and eating – she’s often an instigator of spontaneous trips to ‘heaven on earth’, aka Kmart. Have a read to find out a bit more about what makes Fleur tick…

Please draw a caricature of yourself

If you could design anything, for anyone, what would you design and who for?

This is going to sound totally wanky, but I’m gonna say myself…Designing for myself (within parameters you are in control of setting) allows for flexibility and creative freedom. However, I don’t think you can design in a bubble – even if you are doing your own self-initiated projects it’s important to get peer feedback.

Somewhere you’d recommend eating out?

For awesome, nourishing food, great atmosphere, lovely people and more importantly to support owner-operated, independent restaurants I choose Coco’s – @cocoscantina

Oh and can I also add The Lucky Taco? Also awesome people with great food! @theluckytaconz

Dos tacos de arracherra por favor! 🌮🌮

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Three people you’d invite for dinner?

Anyone’s welcome as long as they bring a dish, good chat and don’t mind changing a nappy or two.

What’s a skill you want to focus on and perfect in your field?

This is unrelated to design and rather than “my field”, it’s more “my hobby”… I’m still trying to perfect the perfect artisan sourdough loaf… tips welcome.

Can you share a piece of creative advice you were given that has stuck with you throughout your creative career? 

When I first started designing, I found deadlines and lots of client demands stressful. After a while I realised that the more fires you try to put out the more fires pop up, so my best piece of advice is to just chill and communicate realistic deadline expectations regardless of how badly it’s “needed”.

What do you do when creative block hits?

Put that particular project down and get away from computer/screens (including phone) and do something completely different.

What do you love most about our field of work?

Seeing creative ideas evolve and succeed for a client. I also really enjoy working in a great team of talented people who can be honest with each other and tell it like it is.

Favourite Transformer project to date?

Of course there are too many to pick one 😉

By Megan Stephens

Graphic Designer



Bold, bright and almost definitely famous, Megan loves typography, grids and the odd bit – okay, a lot – of socialising. If you want to be social, flick an email her way.