Kiwi Property People and Culture Branding

Kiwi Property aligned their People and Culture components to six structured touchpoints; culture, development, pay and performance, recognition, on boarding/off boarding, and environment. The People and Culture team envisioned an identity system that reflected the Kiwi Property brand and would inspire staff to achieve goals, cultivate a supportive environment and always feel that their time and work is valued and appreciated.

The identity system

Each touchpoint was named with descriptive language to be relatable, emotive and engaging while the visual style resembles aspirational badges that are easily identifiable, fun and compelling for current and future staff at Kiwi Property.

Hand elements

The brush stroke illustrations and typography complement the corporate Kiwi Property brand style while adding fresh elements of interest for staff who are accustomed to seeing and working with the corporate brand. Every symbol has six associated hand-drawn icons that visually communicate the multiple facets of each touchpoint and are used as secondary devices to support the identities.

Printed collateral

For the recent roadshow where the Kiwi Property People and Culture team travelled the country visiting their retail and commercial asset offices, they wanted a way to encourage staff to recognise peers who demonstrated their brand values. We designed a set of postcards with inspirational messages reflecting each of these values for staff to add a personal message and present to colleagues. These postcards are also used to nominate people for the annual Love Your Work recognition awards presented at the end of the year, recognising individuals who emulate the brand values.

Digital collateral

Part of designing the identity system for their internal touchpoints was creating a suite of flexible templates for the Kiwi Property People and Culture team to use for internal documents, presentations and communications. With email, Word and Powerpoint templates, the People and Culture team could easily adapt content and confidently produce professional-looking documents. New job advertisement templates designed to energise potential staff – from their first interaction on the onboarding journey – brought the internal brand style to life throughout the recruitment process.


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