Anita is royalty as we know it – Queen Bee some may say.  When things get intense in the studio she doesn’t bat an eyelid, instead affectionately knows us as an extension of her own family in a way. Loves a good cup of tea – as any Brit does. Find out more about her:

What’s yo name:

Anita Smith

Please draw yourself:


If I could learn any skill tomorrow, it would be…  


You’re not a designer – so what do you do?

I do the work that everyone else thinks is boring – scheduling, HR, contracts, invoicing, insurance etc. Fortunately I love it as I get to be the one in charge.

Three people you’d save a seat for at the dinner table?

Only 3? Judge Andrew Beecroft , Michael Mansfield QC and Clive Stafford Smith. They are all lawyers who really care and are my heroes.

If you were a colour you’d be…

Gold –  bright and shiny and very durable.


What’s the best thing about the Transformer team?

You only have to look at that rooftop team photo – we’re all different shapes and sizes, ethnicities but everyone is really passionate about their work (and food and pets) . Somehow it works. When we recruit we place a great emphasis on personality.

When I just need to laugh I…

Watch English tv comedy. At the moment I love 8 out of 10 cats does Countdown (see here for more).

We know you love Amy, but who are some other musicians you’re digging right now?

I live with Nigel and two teenage sons who are always playing weird stuff – I crave silence. Failing that the radio traffic announcer (who interrupts the Bluetooth in the car).

You’ve got some time up your sleeve and you can create a new app, what would this be?

One that would tell you when your sat nav is taking you on the scenic route!


What’s a skill you want to perfect?

I’m enjoying dabbling in interior design and would like to become better and more confident.

What is a brand or cause you would love Transformer to work with?

Amnesty International are right up there and I’m so proud we do already work for them. We’ve also invested in Ooooby and Eat My Lunch and I’d be keen to work with them. I’m on the Board of Closing The Gap and we do a lot with them.

Do you have any hidden talents?

Speedreading and double entry bookkeeping – the benefits of a legal education.

By Megan Stephens

Graphic Designer



Bold, bright and almost definitely famous, Megan loves typography, grids and the odd bit – okay, a lot – of socialising. If you want to be social, flick an email her way.