She may be the ‘baby’ of the transformer family, but she’s taller than all of us – Nichola keeps the memes flowing, can code like a boss and occasionally joins us for lunch (we’re working on our street cred for her). Have a read and find out what makes her tick…

What’s yo nickname?

Nic and Chola are the most common.

Draw a picture of yourself:


Currently on your most played list?

At the moment, I’m really feeling the “Sweet Soul Sunday” playlist on Spotify. 

Somewhere you’d recommend eating out?

This is super cliché, but I really love Nandos. I 100% recommend Nando’s over everything.

Three people you’d invite for dinner?

Beethoven – I’d love to speak with of the greatest composers in history and to hear him explain the logic behind his work.
Albert Einstein – to talk about his theories (I’d like to sit there and listen to what he has to say about the world).
Last but not least Hayao Miyazaki, because he is one of my favourite movie directors and just to sit with him and talk about his animations and his inspirations for each film would be amazing.

Favourite thing about the transformer vibe?

Everyone can be so sassy, it’s super entertaining haha, but also everyone is chatty, there is never a boring conversation in the office.

If you were a colour what colour would you be? 

Black – such a sassy and classy colour.

If you could be a superhero what is your talent? 


Describe your morning routine:

Hitting ‘snooze’ on my alarm about 10 times is pretty accurate.  I’ll get up and freshen up then go straight on to applying my make up (I can’t go a day without applying my eyebrows).  I’ll spend a bit of time picking an outfit and gettin’ it on. After catching the train to the city, I’ll walk over to work and make breakfast at there… then I am ready to start my day!

If you could design for anyone, anything who and what would you design?

Definitely for a makeup company. I’d love to design a make up item and its packaging and the colour of the shade etc. 

What website are you crushing on right now?

Ifly50  It’s such a pretty website!  I love travelling and finding cool places to go so this is a website I can flick through when I am hungry for travel.  Also, this space thing I found  is so buzzy! I could sit here for hours just looking at it!

If you had a spare 5 mins to design and create a new app, what would it do?

Take a photo of your skin colour and it automatically matches your skin colour to a 100% perfect foundation colour. That would be my dream. 

By Megan Stephens

Graphic Designer



Bold, bright and almost definitely famous, Megan loves typography, grids and the odd bit – okay, a lot – of socialising. If you want to be social, flick an email her way.