how we roll

We’re a multi-disciplined design team helping our clients succeed with strong, simple ideas and savvy strategies that hit the mark.

We use creative thinking and a collaborative approach to shape perceptions, solve problems, and build brands people believe in.

We love getting involved in your marketing strategy where our creative insights can help shape the brief for a design solution that’s surprising, engaging and memorable. We thrive on projects of all sizes, starting brands from scratch or helping established ones take their next small step or giant leap.



Founded in 2002 by Nigel & Anita Smith, Transformer has joined Josh Lock and the Central Station crew, adding strength to our capabilities with integrated advertising, media, and digital services.

Our tight-knit, multi-disciplined team is brimming with energy and ideas. We might take our work seriously but we have a lot of fun doing it. There’s plenty of diversity in the team but our shared love of food always brings us together. Lunch Club is our excuse to try all the hottest eateries around town, our Show & Tell channel in Slack keeps things interesting, and baking for Monday morning tea can get a little competitive.


the team

Adrian Neal

Creative Director

Officially part of the furniture, Adrian keeps the team on track and inspired to do their best work. You’ll often find him exploring new ideas, refining processes, connecting dots, finding solutions and challenging convention.

Tina Brooke

Graphic Designer

An organised and versatile designer, Tina is the best mix of a perfectionist and creative, with a desire to produce work that both looks and functions beautifully. There’s another side though; she loves chilling at the beach, summer surfing, and is crazy about her cat Mishka.

Fleur Cerecke

Graphic Designer

Another member of the puppy fan club, Fleur is a versatile designer with a soft spot for beautiful print and a thing for maps. Originally from the mainland, she’s straight-up and just fine with bending the rules for a great result.

Heather Ruddy


Heather is a seasoned freelancer bringing her experience and perspective to the Transformer team. In her own time, she plays support crew to a couple of dance-obsessed 9- and 5-year-olds. She loves living in the Waitakeres and using her design skills to help out in the community.

Joel Stewart

Front-end Web Developer
Joel is all about that Sass. He teams up with designers to bring creative concepts to life in the browser. A vinyl-collecting, dice-rolling code wizard, Joel would like to be Batman in another life. Or at least get a Batmobile in this one.

Nichola Brodrick

Front-end Web Developer

A part-time sports fanatic and a full-time developer in the web department, Nichola enjoys finding creative ways to bring a website to life. She is a sucker for a good TV show and loves discovering new music.

Anne Cobb

Studio Administrator

Unofficial Camp Mum, Anne keeps the studio cogs well oiled. Anne is a walking encyclopedia for all things print management and, being slightly obsessive with details, takes care of any logistics or proof-reading.

Nigel Smith


Nigel is the founder and Godfather of Transformer, with over 25 years’ experience in the UK and NZ design scenes. As a practising artist and a music connoisseur, you’ll find more than a few of his paintings and just half of his CD collection in the Transformer studio.

Anita Smith

Business Manager

As the voice of reason and Nigel’s better half, Anita keeps everyone on their toes. Not only does she manage workflow, scheduling and systems but is a passionate social justice crusader and a big fan of Amy Winehouse. Like, play-it-every-day big.

Carla Thurlow


Working remotely from her Canterbury abode, Carla keeps our books in shape and our bills paid. When she’s not juggling numbers, you’ll probably find her thrashing the drums in the garage with her band.



Our friendly chameleon, Fred, has evolved with the team over the years and represents our adaptability. Keep an eye out for him in the wild as he’s shy and can be inconspicuous at times.